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“I love what you’re doing. You’ve really set the state of the art for education, especially at the younger ages.”

- Dick Gould, National Championship Tennis Coach, Stanford University
The Play Safely course

Hey, Coach. Maybe your youth sports organization requires you to be certified in injury prevention. Maybe your state has made it a law. Whatever your motivation, you came to the right place. Welcome to the Play Safely Sports injury prevention course.

Play Safely Sports has partnered with the CoachSafely Foundation to ensure that our course is the gold standard. It’s comprehensive, evidence-based and peer-reviewed by our medical board. It satisfies the requirements of Coach Safely laws in AlabamaArkansas and Tennessee as well as the Coach Safely resolution in Georgia.

In a recent survey of youth coaches who completed the course, 95 percent said they would recommend it to other coaches. You can review the course basics and the subject modules below. When you’re ready, click the “Go to the Course”  button and get started. In little more than an hour, you’ll finish the course, download and print a certificate of completion and YOU WILL BE CERTIFIED.

Thank you for making the call, taking the course, coaching your young athletes and keeping them safe. It all starts with you.

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