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“State-by-state policies must be implemented to mandate comprehensive education for prevention of all youth sports injuries.”

- DR. DAVID SATCHER, Former United States Surgeon General

It is the policy of the CoachSafely Foundation to provide access to safe sports for every child in every community regardless of any social or economic condition or barrier.

Health Equity Waivers

Youth sports organizations may apply for a Health Equity Waiver of the PlaySafelySports training course fee by submitting the form below. The CoachSafely Foundation has developed the following criteria to determine the approval of each application.

  • The registration fee for each individual player in the organization is less than $30.
  • The poverty level in the area where the organization is based is greater than the current national average of 11.5 percent.
  • The median household income in the area where the organization is based is lower than the current national average of $74,580.
  • The mortality rate in the area where the organization is based is higher than the current national average of 748.3 per 100,000 citizens.
Statewide Exemptions

Individual states have begun to pass legislation such as the Coach Safely Acts in Alabama and Arkansas mandating that youth sports organizations ensure their coaches are certified in the critical area of injury recognition and prevention. These states have an opportunity to advance toward true health equity in the youth sports space by funding that mandate as part of their annual budgets. That financial commitment allows the youth sports coaches in those states to take a certified training course at no cost to them or their organizations.

At present, Alabama – which became the first state in the United States to pass such legislation in 2018 – is the only state to fully cover the cost of the certification training mandated by its Coach Safely Act.

To learn more, contact one of your state legislators TODAY.

Health Equity Waiver Form

*You must be an administrator with a youth sports organization to apply.

League/Organization Location(Required)
Administrator/Contact Person Name(Required)
Administrator/Contact Person Email(Required)
League/Organization Total No. of Coaches (Head Coaches + Assistants)(Required)
Individual Player Registration Fee(Required)
Age Groups Your League/Organization Includes (Choose One)(Required)
Any special circumstances to merit a fee waiver? Please describe below.

Current Statewide Exemptions
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