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“State-by-state policies must be implemented to mandate comprehensive education for prevention of all youth sports injuries.”

- DR. DAVID SATCHER, Former United States Surgeon General

It is the policy of the CoachSafely Foundation to provide access to safe sports for every child in every community regardless of any social or economic condition or barrier.

Policy and Procedures

We offer the Coach Safely course at a 60% cost reduction for youth sports organizations in underserved communities. The reduced rate is available to contracting organizations located in zip codes identified as “distressed” or “at risk” based on Census data and the following criteria:

  1. No high school diploma: Share of the 25 and older population without a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Housing vacancy rate: Share of habitable housing that is unoccupied, excluding properties that are for seasonal, recreational, or occasional use.
  3. Adults not working: Share of the prime-age (25-54) population that is not currently employed.
  4. Poverty rate: Share of the population below the poverty line.
  5. Median income ratio: Median household income as a share of metro area median household income (or state, for non-metro areas and all congressional districts).
  6. Changes in employment: Percent change in the number of jobs over the past five years.
  7. Changes in establishments: Percent change in the number of business establishments over the past five years

The Coach Safely certification is administered by our technology partners at Play Safely Sports.  If you are interested in the certification for your organization or you are a coach who would like to get certified, please click below to visit Play Safely Sports.

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