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“I love what you’re doing. You’ve really set the state of the art for education, especially at the younger ages.”

- Dick Gould, National Championship Tennis Coach, Stanford University
Education Points of Emphasis

The training course

  • Covers nine subjects over 11 video modules, including Concussions, Mental Health and Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Available online, takes about 75 minutes, can stop and return, includes a quiz after each module and a downloadable certificate of completion
  • Pedagogically consistent with volunteer coaches and surveyed for efficacy

Developed by experts

  • Experts in public health, exercise science and sports medicine who collaborated on the syllabus include Dr. James R. Andrews, CoachSafely medical director, and Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General.
  • Syllabus is evidence-based and peer-reviewed through the NCYS STOP program in collaboration with the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM).

Local and national

  • A volunteer softball coach in Alabama said completing the course “helped save my daughter’s life.”
  • Since 2019, CoachSafely has registered more than 30,000 youth coaches and certified more than 26,000 in 36 states.
  • More than 2,200 youth athletics associations have at least one CoachSafely certified coach or parent.
Our National Education Partner
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Play Safely Sports

Play Safely Sports is the health technology company that delivers the state-of-the-art injury recognition and prevention course developed by the medical advisory board it shares with the CoachSafely Foundation to youth sports coaches, parents, administrators and organizations throughout the United States.

Play Safely’s proprietary technology platform allows it to deliver the course, which features 11 video modules, through a secure online portal available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

In addition, Play Safely is collaborating with CoachSafely to develop the pilot for an online injury surveillance system that will allow youth coaches to report injuries by category. This data will be a critical tool in identifying issues and trends to be addressed in the future to maximize youth sports participation.

If you are ready to take the course, click here

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